Maker Movement

If you have arrived at this space you are probably curious about the maker movement and why would we have a page dedicated to this topic. Many educators are talking about the positive impacts the maker movement is having on student learning. As we learned more about the maker movement, we began to realize this creating and making has been happening in Forest Class for quite some time. Our Project Time has been a place where the maker's approach has come to life in Forest Class. 

What is a maker classroom?

A maker classroom is a classroom intentionally designed to teach children through open-ended challenges and projects in which they can create, build, and explore. In a maker classroom there is a lot of tinkering and inventing taking place, all rooted in the child's imagination and exploration. Tinkering and inventing utilizes a young child’s most obvious asset, their imagination.  By setting out to invent something a young child gets to effect the world in ways they and we have not been afforded in the past. Their inventing potential is unencumbered by convention based on what already exists. In the process of what we are now referring to as “Making” we give children the opportunity to learn tool and material use. Both analog and digital tools together.  

We have received questions from other educators about the creating and building that takes place during our Project Times each week. With all of the interest in the maker movement we decided to share our experiences and information in a book called Maker Elementary.

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