Friday, September 30, 2016

Ranger of the Week 9/30

Ranger of the Week

This week's Ranger is Lilly. She is 9 years old and she was born in Durham, NC. Her family includes her three moms, her two dads, her two sisters, her brother and her two angel brothers. For pets she has two dogs, four cats, one hamster, two guinea pigs, her 14 fish, her bearded dragon, her bunny and her frog.  The things she likes to do best at home are do crafts, play with her animals and write stories. The things Lilly cares most about in the world are ending world hunger and her family and friends. Her favorite food is chicken tenders form Bojangles. Her least favorite food is Brussel sprouts. Her hobbies are dancing and playing guitar. When she goes on vacation the place she most likes to visit is Busch Gardens. Her dream vacation would be to visit Hawaii. When she grows up she wants to be an engineer.

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