Monday, May 30, 2016

FREDTalks and Forest Class University

We teach children they can change the world. Our last research project makes me think about this important mission of our school. We gave our students the open space to share their learning with others through this unique research project. Each child was asked to create and research a thick question, a research question to guide their learning. We talked about how people often attend colleges and universities to study a subject they are passionate about. Every student in Forest Class enrolled in Forest Class University to begin to explore topics they were passionate about. It was amazing to watch the diversity of interests emerge from inside each of our students. The questions ranged from "What are the effects of global warming?" to "What was life like in Syria?"

After researching and publishing a book about their topic, our students were invited to share their learning through a FREDTalk. FREDTalks, Forest Research Entertainment and Design, are Forest Class' version of TEDtalks, a way to share our learning with others. We hope you enjoy this first batch of videos from Forest Class. More videos will be published this week, as the second half of our class complete their presentations. Enjoy!

Click here to view the rest of our FREDTalks.

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