Friday, May 30, 2014


We had such a wonderful time learning from each other during our FRED Talk presentations yesterday. We hope you enjoy these talks. The kids did a wonderful job!

Please not these are unlisted on YouTube. If you are using the school WiFi you will not be able to view them without logging into Freebird.

Henry's FREDTalk - America's Favorite Pastime

Lily's FREDTalk - Math Outside the Box


Viola's FREDTalk - The Star

Grace's FREDTalk - The Life of an Early Human

Olwen's FREDTalk - Dancing Outside the Box

Charlotte's FREDTalk - In the Greek World

Sky's FREDTalk - Turn Up the Heat

Micaela's FREDTalk - Early Humans

Julia's FREdTalk -Playing Dress Up Through the Decades

Ben's FREDTalk - Video Game Family Tree

Nirvan's FREDTalk - The Kiss of Death

Nadia's FREDTalk - The Many Moods of Rooms

Emily's FREDTalk - Fabulous Fashion

Amelia's FREDTalk - Crazy Cats

Nathan's FREDTalk - The Golden State

Sarah's FREDTalk - The White Bear

Regan's FREDTalk - Leap Into the World of Frogs

Jack's FREDTalk - Scorpion Attack

Noah's FREDTalk - How Weather Is Forecasted

Shelby's FREDTalk - The Piano's Song

Wes' FREDTalk - The Rattlesnake Way

Max's FREDTalk - The Eyes That Might End Your Life

Croft's FREDTalk - The Dinosaur World

Kenan's FREDTalk - Dinosaur's World

Chris' FREDTalk - Fang of Death

Holland's FREDTalk - North Vs. South

Leah's FREDTalk - Step One of the Beginning

Celeste's FREDTalk - The Awesome World of Ancient Greece

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