Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This week's Ranger is Eliza.  She is 9 years old.  She was born in Chapel Hill, NC. Her family includes her mom, her dad her sister and her two brothers. The things she likes to do best when she is at home are read and watch the builders at her house. If she was stranded on an island and she could only have one thing with her she would want to have her house with her family in it. Her favorite food is pizza.  The food she dislikes the most is broccoli.  Her hobbies are swimming and hooping. When she goes on vacation she most likes to go to Sea World.  Her dream vacation would be to go to Italy.  She is really good at math. When she grows up, she most wants to be a teacher.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Fiesta!

Forest Class earned a fiesta in Spanish class. The fiesta included salsa dancing, games, and food! Enjoy these snapshots.
Learning to salsa dance.

More salsa dancing.

And more salsa dancing.

Ask your child how to play the bean game. 

The chip game was another popular game.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

News From the Forest

This week's Ranger is Eli. Eli is nine-years-old. He was born in Pennsylvania. His family includes his mom, his dad, and his dog named Bark. The things Eli likes to do at home are play outside and play with his dog.  If Eli were stranded on an island and he could have only one thing with him it would be his dog to sniff out the trails. Eli's favorite food is pizza. Eli's least favorite food is macaroni and cheese. His hobbies are playing sports and reading. When Eli goes on vacation he most likes to go to Virginia. His dream vacation would be to visit Africa, Italy and Russia. When he grows up he would like to be a scientist, like his dad.

News From the Forest Teachers

  • The Forest Class Overnight is scheduled for Thursday night, May 10th. Don't forget to turn in your overnight forms. 
  • Forest Class students will be going on a field trip next Friday, April 27th, to see a performance by  Kinetic Works Dance Company directed by Martha Connerton. This dance presentation fits right in with our current study of "Things that Roll."
  • Tomorrow the Lower School and Middle School will celebrate Earth Day, with fun "Earth Day" theme activities on the soccer field from 1:30 to 2:30pm. 
  • Students have been enjoying the "Who's That Baby?" board in our classroom. If your child would still like to bring in a baby picture for the board, there is still time. 

Our "Who's That Baby?" bulletin board. Stop by and see all of the cute baby pictures.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News From the Forest

Welcome back! It sounded like everyone had a wonderful Spring Break. The Forest Class teachers were looking at the calendar and realized we are speeding towards the end of the school year! We have a lot of learning and a ton of fun to have before the end of the year. 

Middle School Riser Night
The Middle School Riser Night will be held next Tuesday evening, April 17th at 7:00pm. If you have a child rising to the Middle School next year we strongly encourage you to attend this information meeting. 

Forest Class Overnight
Forest Class is making plans for its annual overnight at school! This will be held on Thursday, May 10th. Each child was sent home with a note containing more information about Overnight. Here is a little more information about this event.  

What is overnight all about?
The children will come to school as usual on Thursday for a “normal” day.  They should bring their own snack and lunch.  At 3:00, parents may come to help students set up their tents.  (Not everyone sleeps in tents so don’t feel obligated to bring one.)  The tipi and the ger will also be options for folks to sleep in should they choose. We will designate one of these shelters as a girls sleeping option and one as a boys sleeping option. We ask that anyone bringing a tent should be able to set it up on their own or with the help of one of their parents on Thursday after school.  Teachers will not be able to set up or take down the tents. We understand that overnights are not for every child. Staying the night is optional. If your child chooses to not spend the night, they can plan to stay with us until 9:00pm, Thursday night and they can then return anytime after 7:00am, on Friday morning.  We always have some students who choose this option.  Please reassure your child that they will not be alone if they decide to make this choice.

Volunteers Needed
We will plan activities with the children for Thursday night and Friday day.  Parents will be needed to help prepare snack, dinner, breakfast, and lunch for the students on Thursday as well as on Friday.  We could also use help on Friday with cleanup prior to dismissal.  Please let us know if you can help. 

Plans for Friday May, 11th 
We have a fun outing planned for Friday morning before lunch. We are working out the details for this outing and we will send out information as soon as we have everything confirmed. It is going to be a LOT of fun!  Friday afternoon we’ll have a subdued schedule with movies, outside time and quiet games.

Forest Class' Mongolian Museum was featured in the Herald Sun 
The Forest Class' study of Mongolia was featured in the Herald Sun last week. We are so proud of our kids!

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Things That Roll

For our next challenge students had to create a marble track with a loop-to-loop with a diameter of 20 centimeters. The students tested to see how small of an incline could be used and the marble still travel the loop to loop.

Things That Roll

During our project time we are studying things that roll.  Today we challenged the students to build an artifact that would travel the greatest distance down a 30 degree incline. Students were given a box of various materials to build their artifact that they would roll down the incline. During this investigation students are learning to use protractors to measure the angle of an incline.