Wednesday, February 1, 2012

News From the Forest

This week's Ranger is Lena. Lena is 8 years old. She was born in North Carolina. Her family includes two sisters, her mom and her dad. For pets she has three dogs, one cat, three horses, two fish, a crayfish, a lizard, and three gerbils. The things she likes to do best when she is at home is watch movies and have my dog jump over things like a broom. If she were stranded on an island and could have only one thing with her it would be a horse. Her favorite food is ice cream sundaes. Her least favorite food is strawberry ice cream. Her hobbies are going shopping, watching movies, and riding horses. When she goes on vacation she most likes to go to her beach house. Her dream vacation would be to go to Iceland. She is really good at running and riding horses. When she grows up, right now, she wants to be an orthodontist. 

News From the Teachers:
-Don't forget tomorrow we have noon dismissal for a staff development afternoon.
-Forest kids are busy researching about Mongolia and preparing to create their own exhibit for our classroom museum. We can't wait to show you more from our museum. 
-We look forward to meeting with parents on February 24th and 25th for Parent-Teacher conferences. We have wonderful things to share with you about your child. 
-This month's query for Meeting for Worship is "How can I be helpful when friends are making bad choices?"

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