Monday, September 19, 2011

Strategies for studying spelling words at home

Each week students will create their spelling words by selecting words from preset list. During the week your child will be responsible for studying their list and being prepared to take a spelling test on Friday morning. Below is a list of strategies your child may use at home to study their spelling words each week. 

Helping Your Child Learn to Spell

The best method for memorizing words is to:
1. Pronounce the word and look carefully at each part.

2. Think about its spelling and say the letters out loud.

3. Visualize the word in your mind.

4. Cover the word and write it.  Check your results.

5. Repeat if necessary.

When helping with spelling at home, encourage:

* risk-taking

* keeping a personal dictionary

* sounding out the word

* writing it several times to see which spelling looks right

* using a dictionary or other word source

* using incomplete spelling and underlining it

* drawing a picture or symbol

* trying to visualize the word

* using an electronic speller.

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