Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News From the Forest

This week's Ranger is Theo. 
Our first Ranger this year is Theo.
He is nine-years-old and he was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Theo's family includes his mom, dad, brother and two dogs.  When he is at home Theo likes to play soccer. If he was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing it would be an unlimited supply of food and water. Theo's favorite food is tacos. His least favorite food is brussel sprouts. Theo's hobby is soccer. When Theo goes on vacation he most likes to go to Sweden. Theo's dream vacation would be to go to England for a year! When Theo grows up he would like to be a professional soccer player for Juventus.

Notes from the Forest Class Teachers

  • Writer's Notebook: Very soon we will begin our small language arts groups. During language group time students will work on cultivating their lives as readers and writers. In order to grow as a reader and writer it is important to have the right tools. One of the most important tools every child and teacher will use in the Forest Class is a writer’s notebook.  It is the space where ideas are sown and words come to life. We will be talking to students about selecting the notebook that is a good fit for them. Let us know if you would like your child to use a composition notebook or if you will be purchasing a notebook for your child by this Friday, September 9th. If your child would like to use a composition notebook, we will send the notebook home with your child this weekend so they may personalize the cover.  We will begin using our writer’s notebooks next week, so it is important for all students to have their notebooks at school with them next Monday, September 12th.  
  • Thank you for getting your child to school on time.  The day is always smoother for your child when they have a moment to prepare for their day prior to settling in. 
  • Tell us about your child. Don't forget to take a quiet moment and jot down some things about your child and submit it to one of the Forest Class teachers. We are enjoying getting to know each child, but it is helpful when you provide your insight into the type of learner and interests  your child is at home. 
  • Sign up to help with class laundry. We are looking for families to help wash the towels we use each week to clean in the Forest Class. If you are willing to be a volunteer, please contact one of the Forest Class teachers so you may be put into the laundry rotation. 

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