Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Grouping

Your child found out the skills group they will be working in throughout the year in the Forest Class this week. Skills groups are the small group setting where each child will receive instruction for both math and language arts part of each day.  Each year we wait to meet all of our children who will make the up the Forest Class before determining how we will divide the class into skills groups. 

This year, we have extended the multi-age grouping of our classroom to all our skills groups as well.  As you know, as children enter the Lower School they are then grouped as six, seven and eight-year-olds in either River or Sky class and then as eight, nine and ten-year-olds in either Mountain or Forest class.  Also known as family grouping, this approach provides room for children to develop and grow socially, emotionally and academically without the constraints and labels of a grade. By grouping students according to these age ranges, it deepens their learning experiences as well as their social and emotional growth.  It allows us to create groups with a diversity of gender, learning styles, personalities, and friendships.

We have already met several times in skills groups and we are excited by the enthusiasm and dynamics evident among the children.  We are gearing our teaching to capitalize on the strengths and build on the challenges of each child, and they are so ready!  Be on the lookout for information from your child's skills group teacher for more detail about the year to come.

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